About Us

About Us

IMUTTI is a company that deals with the design and production of leather goods. Our company, from three generations, stands in the creation of bags for men, women, small leather goods and belts. IMUTTI is the natural continuation of DEIMUTTI Spa, wich wal sold by Mr. Mutti to Armani group several years ago. It is right on the managerial and entrepreneurial person of Mr. Roberto Mutti who founded knowledge of our company. Blending these skills in experience managing, product development process and control of production processes, IMUTTI proposes itself as one of the most modern and innovative business models in leather. IMUTTI combines a deep knowledge of the wholesale market and production of leather goods, joining a historical passion and dedication to their work. The care for the well done and the respect for craftsmanship are our “lifestyle choice”.


“Create, build quality leather products, transforming design concepts in industrial production process. Starting from the development of innovative, elegant design we find the best technical and technological solutions to get a competitive price without quality sacrifices.”


We are conscious that the market evolution requires today a professional approach to manage the Brand. Specialization is the success key. IMUTTI wants to give his experience and knowledge in leather-goods to selective Brands. Our production, outsourcing, product development and sampling services, allow us to create “tailored” and “turnkey” project for our Partners. Our business Partners are selected considering the quickness, the efficiency and the effectiveness in reaching the goals.



Deimutti s.r.l. – leather goods Company, founded in 1946 by his founder Mr. Alberto Mutti, who after several years as head patternmaker performed in a known footwear company, decides to go it alone and thus give rise to a typical Italian business history wich they transmit to sonsLuciano and Roberto From 1946 to 1975, Deimutti produces and distributes on national and international markets such as Italy, Japan, France, Switzerland, Germany, and others, with teir own brand. The Company actively participates in important national fairs (Mipel) with its own stand and is inserted in the circuit ICE (National Institute for Foreign Trade), wich organizes events throughout the world for the dissemination of products Made in Italy. Alongside its own production, in 1973, in the light of the increasing development of branded products to market, the Deimutti undertakes a thrivingcollaboration with fashion designers and companies with “strong brand”. These collaborations launched production for Bally (Switzerland) and Burberry (English). 1978 is the year that marks the “turning point” in cooperation with the designer Gianfranco Ferré. A collaboration lasting over 21 years. The Company, wich interacted with contract manufacturing and distribution creates a significant growth that leads to considerable turnover and specialization of production in four production units: bags, luggage, small leather goods and belts, these products were sold under distribution agreements signed with the most representative companies in various global markets. Precisely for this very successful occasion in wich the architect Gianfranco Ferré style became Director of the Maison Christian Dior, the company established a long association Deimutti, 11 years, with Maison Christian Dior, dealing with the production and prototyping of many of the best known of the House of Dior handbags. For example, model Lady D. and Sella model. In 2001 in the aftermath of a family and unfortunately known events of the Maison Ferré, Mr. Roberto Mutti given the interest by Giorgio Armani to detect a structure of production prototypes of both qualitative and excellent organizational, decides to form a company formed in December 2003. Mr. Mutti holds the position of Managing Director and minority shareholder for the duration of the contract of 6 years.

Collaborations and partnerships:

  • Maison Christian Dior
  • Gianfranco Ferrè
  • Burberry
  • Bally
  • Giorgio Armani